Graphite Gray Panel Pool Set 4.78 Cm X 1.24Cm



The panelling is made of high-quality plastic, which makes the pool totally waterproof and water-repellent, and shows a lovely wood effect; it’s perfect to decorate any kind of garden. The large diameter of 478cm guarantees a large space and a high capacity, which is perfect to have fun together with the whole family. Just choose the perfect flat area, where you would like to place your pool, and then fill the Intex Graphite Panel Pool with water: your pool will be ready in just 60 minutes.

The Liner of this Intex 26384 pool are made of high-quality SUPER-TOUGH-Material. It’s composed of 3 reinforced layers: the middle one is made of polyester, whereas the internal and external ones are made of ultra-resistant PVC. This structure gives the pool solidness, elasticity and durability.

This Intex 26384 Graphite Panel Pool has been equipped with 2 attachment points (the diameter is 38mm each), so that you can connect the sand filter pump included in the package.

When you buy this Intex 26384 Graphite Panel Pool you receive much more than just the pool. In the package you will receive a lot of additional accessories for your pool, in order to equip it with the best technology ever.

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Intex Jordan-

Technical Characteristics Intex 26384 Graphite Panel Pool:

  • Size: 478 cm (diameter) x 124 cm (height)
  • Liner made of 3-layer SUPER-TOUGH? Material
  • Structure made of grey zinc-plated steel
  • Large and roomy
  • It’s perfect for the whole family

Accessories included:

  • Intex sand filter pump (26644): 4m3/H, 220-240 V (Certification CE / T?V), Sand capacity: 18,5kgs?(26644)
  • Intex pool ladder (high-quality and sturdy steps made of anti-slip plastic)
  • Covering sheet
  • Bottom sheet
Dimensions 4.78 × 1.24 cm

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