Magnetic Led Pool-Wall Light 230V



  • Easy to install innovative light for your above ground pool
  • Magnetic mount on the external wall ensures the light is securely fixed in position
  • Adds a further dimension to your above ground pool

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SKU: 28698

Intex Jordan 28698 3W LED wall light for above ground pools with magnetic mount. Above-ground pool lighting has always been something pool manufacturers have arguably struggled to get right. That is why Intex has designed this easy to install product. The Intex Jordan LED magnetic light uses a special technology which allows you to illuminate your above ground-pool safely, using a very low voltage. Being designed to be placed in water, it does not require any cable, since electricity is transmitted magnetically through the wall bracket.? The Intex 28698 light can be easily mounted on any type of wall and in any position. It produces powerful lighting, equal to a normal 50 Watt halogen light for pools. For safety reasons, if the outside housing comes off from the inner wall, the light will float on the water. Technical Characteristics: 220-240 V 3 Watt LED light Magnetic wall support Suitable for pools up to 732 cm

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