Small Fun Ballz™



Great for play centers, pools, ball pits, and so much more, the Intex Jordan Small Fun Ballz™ is a 100 pack bag full of fun! These 2 30 Cm air filled balls come in 6 bright colors including red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple.

The package also includes a carry bag which is great for storing and transporting the balls around. The balls are made of a durable, but soft plastic. They won’t puncture when a child jumps on a pile, but are soft enough to not hurt even when used roughly. Great for any and all kinds of ball pits or even backyard splash pools, these Fun Balls are sure to keep children entertained for hours.


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SKU: 49602
  • Pack of 100 air filled Fun Ballz™
  • Comes in 6 bright colors: red, yellow, blue, orange, green and purple
  • Ages 2+

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