Hot Wheels Monster Truck Die-Cast Toy Truck, Slam Launcher, Truck, 4 Stackable Crash Cars



  • Unstoppable crashing and smashing action with the Monster Truck 1:64 scale Loco Punk diecast truck and a straight-up vertical stunt
  • ​Kids send their Monster Truck with its GIANT wheels up the track to catch massive big air and demolish the connect and crash cars
  • ​Complete play in a box with a kid powered launcher, track and vehicles
  • ​Kid favorite Monster Trucks deliver the high-energy action they love
  • ​Great gift for ages 3 – 6. Compatible with other sets.
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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Big Air Breakout challenges kids to see how high their trucks can go on the vertical track! Complete play in a box with 4 connect and crash cars and the Hot Wheels Loco Punk 1:64 diecast truck with signature giant wheels! Slam launch the Loco Punk truck for thrilling vertical stunt action again and again. How high can they send the truck Kids can compete with friends or grab big air themselves with one set. Great gift for ages 3 – 6.

Dimensions 7.62 × 30.48 × 19.05 cm

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