Wrist Twists Bracelet Maker



Wrist Twists Bracelet Maker Machine
14 pieces of multiple colors of satin cording to make 14 bracelets
14 beads for bracelet closure and paper ruler
Don’t worry When you run out of cording and beads, they are easily found at your local craft store

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Twist colorful cording into tons of fun and funky bracelets for you and your friends with the Wrist Twists Bracelet Maker. This set comes back with the Wrist Twists machine, 14 colors of satin cording and an instructional DVD to get you started in your bracelet making frenzy. This kit will make 14 fab, fun, and trendy twisted friendship bracelets. Whether you wear one bracelet or stack them up your wrists, you will be sure to turn heads with these beautiful bracelets you create yourself.

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